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What is IBC Solar Panel?

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  • Time:2021-12-06
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IBC solar panels are built with the super high efficiency IBC solar cells (“Interdigitated back contact” solar cells). They are laminated by ETFE or PET film, which is light weight and thin. Thess customized solar panels are ideal for use in off grid applications such as IoT devices, smart phones, radio, Bluetooth, wireless sensors, RF Radio Sensitivity or solar gifts etc.

– IBC solar cell with efficiencies of up to 23% guarantee high power output
– Matte finish and no busbar on panel surface
– ETFE or PET laminated, light weight and thin
– Waterproof, scratch resistant & UV resistant
– Excellent performance under low light environments
– Custom manufacturing in various size & shapes available upon request

Lists of existing IBC solar panels from WSL Solar.

Item Specification Size Solar Cell Type Lamination
WSL-S001 6V 1.2W Custom Solar Panel 85x85x1.8mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
WSL-S002 5V 0.2W Round Solar Panel D=43mmx1.8mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
WSL-S003 2V 80mA Small Solar Panel 40x30x1.8mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
WSL-S004 5V 0.75W mini Solar Panel 70x60x2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S005 5V 1W IoT Solar Panel 95x69x2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S006 4V 150mA Custom Solar Panel 93x40x2mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
WSL-S007 5.5V 1W Small Solar Panel 80x80x2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S008 6V 120mA Circular Solar Panel D=89mmx2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S009 5V 0.6W ETFE Solar Panel 65x65x2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S010 5.5V 1.6W ETFE Solar Panel 120x70x2mm IBC Solar Cell ETFE Film
WSL-S011 3V 0.4W PET Solar Panel 57x50x2mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
WSL-S012 5.5V 0.2W Mini Solar Panel 30x50x2mm IBC Solar Cell PET Film
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